"I Hope I Get It!" Musical Theater Audition Workshop

Where: Woodlawn Theatre

When: Sunday November 3, 2019 12-1:30 p.m.

Learn how to do your best audition! Panelists include Artistic Directors Tim Hedgepeth, Ken Frazier, and Chris Rodriguez, and Music Directors Jane Haas and Jaime Ramirez.

Registration is limited to 50 participants, ages 16 and up.

From 4 - 8 participants will be randomly selected to do a mock audition and receive helpful feedback in a masterclass setting. If you would like to do this, BE READY with 16 bars of a ballad or 32 bars of an up-tempo. And bring the music for the accompanist!

Admission is $20 for non-SATCO members, and $10 for SATCO members.


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