TheatreASAP 2004


2004 First (hopefully) Annual Theatre Event

It was a success!


We had an almost full house, we created a "buzz" apparently, reports from those involved were overwhelmingly positive, even after an initial shock of "what did I get myself into?"

I'm hoping to get some stories from those involved "behind the scenes" of their experiences, feelings, etc.  If you would like to be included here, please send it to me (address at the bottom of the page).

We canNOT say THANK YOU enough to everyone that helped out.  Everyone did many things to make this event special, and I will probably miss someone, but I hope not. 

Alamo Street Restaurant and Theatre, Marcie Larsen, for hosting multiple meetings and providing space and food for our Meet the Playwrights get together.

Guadalupe Cultural Arts Center, Marisela Barrera for lots and lots of stuff.

San Antonio College Theatre Department let us use their space for meetings and rehearsals: Allan S. Ross, Jennifer Anderson and Jeff Hunt

San Pedro Playhouse let us use their space for kick off event and rehearsals: Di Ann Sneed, SATCO President; Christopher Rodriguez, Paul Garza, James Caffey.

Sheldon Vexler Theatre, let us use their space and their people for an afternoon of rehearsals and The Big Night:  Ken Frazier, Tammi Kai, Tracy Hungate, Melissa Cunningham, Kevin Stephenson, Julie Riddle, Jessica Hughes (They were all amazing, by the way.  Extremely organized)

W. Chris Champlin for all his light hanging and photography skills, among many other things.

Rick Malone for Taping the Event

Did you miss it??  Did you see it and want to relive it? 

The Video of the TheatreASAP performance is available now.

$8 for DVD or VHS plus $2 shipping and handling.

Make Checks payable to Rick Malone and send to:

Rick Malone
ASAP Video
325 Madison St
San Antonio, TX 78204

Please include full mailing address and telephone number.

Order by calling Rick at
210-475-9019 or fax 210-475- 9031 or e-mail This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Volunteers Don Patterson, Rebecca Thompson and Linda Vanlandingham

Our wonderful Emcee: Joe Libby

The SATCO Board and TheatreASAP Committee.

If I've missed you, please know it is just my senility, not that we don't appreciate you!



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