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Thrash Crankshaft, PI

Overtime Theater
Playwright(s): Matthew Legare
Opens on: 06/09/2018 and Runs Through: 06/23/2018


Performance Dates:

Episode 1- June 8 and 9 at 8 pm

Episode 2- June 15 and 16 at 8 pm

Episode 3- June 22 and 23 at 8 pm

Thrash Crankshaft, PI

Thrash Crankshaft, PI is a three-episode Noir Surrealist Comedy Detective Serial Radio Play opening at the Overtime Theater. In the play the gumshoe Thrash Crankshaft, PI is hired to find the script to the show in which he's currently appearing.

Written by an author who was raised on Monty Python, the Goon Show, Firesign Theater, the Muppets, and dozens of other subversively silly influences, this radio play (the live version will be recorded for podcast) guarantees thrills and adventure.



Gabriel Luera - Thrash Crankshaft, PI

Ashley Hamilton - The "Good Girl" & Various Voices

Michelle Almendarez - The "Bad Girl" & Various Voices

Dan Timoskevich - Incidental Music & Various Voices

Chris Champlin - Chief of Police & Various Voices

Matthew Legare - Announcer and Gorilla noises, misc.


Creative Team:

Written and Directed by Matthew Legare

Sound Design by Dan Dan Timoskevich

Stage Managed by Gina Schneider

Location: 5409 Bandera Rd.Ste. 205, San Antonio, Texas, 78238
Tickets: $10 General Admission
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