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Performing Arts San Antonio
Opens on: 03/15/2019 and Runs Through: 03/31/2019
Days/Times: Friday and Saturday at 8PM
Sunday at 3PM

Wicket: A Star Wars Parody Musical

Wicket: A Star Wars Parody Musical is a new musical that delights nerds and surprises casual fans of the galaxy far, far away.

Wicket tells the untold stories of the Ewoks of Endor from the 1983 film Return of the Jedi. We all thought they were a random race of alien teddy bears that just happened to live in the tree next door to the sequel Death Star. Turns out they are actually the master plan of the evil Emperor of the galaxy.

We soon learn that after a lifetime of tragedy and impossible expectations, Princess Leia has developed a secret shadow-personality: heavy metal diva Princess SLEIA!

We also meet the mysterious Ensign who reveals the Emperor’s master plan: to sell his engineered Ewoks as toys throughout the galaxy, and unwittingly becomes part of the Emperor’s master plan.

Just when it looks like things are looking up for Wicket, all hell breaks loose and suddenly he finds himself as the galaxy’s last hope to defeat the tyrant who rules the galaxy. Who knew?!?


Cast/Crew: Directed by Vaughn Taylor
Produced by Paul Tinder
Musical Direction by Vaughn Taylor
Choreography by Vaughn Taylor
Nicole Mayfield - Wicket
Kendall Lacy - Kneesaa
Lauren Campion - Leia
Michelle Gansler - Logray
Twyla LaMont - Ensign
Jake Sengele - Emperor
Chris Reed - Chirpa
Alieya Rauch - Latara
Aidan Valdez - Teebo
Daniel Calderon Jr - Igar
Riley Morlen - Ensign Ropul
Evelyn Sanchez - Roadie
Daniel Calderon Jr & Alyssa Cummings - Ewok Ensemble
Jackson Kibby, Evelyn Sanchez, Riley Morlen - Dancing Scout Troopers
Location: 15705 San Pedro, San Antonio, Texas, 78232
Tickets: General Admission - $25.00
Student/Military/Senior - $18.00
Bistro Table (per seat) - $31.25
Group 1-5 - $20.00
Group 10 or more - $15.00
Purchase online:
Our Website:
Contact/More Information: Box Office phone - 210-557-1187

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