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February 6, 2017

First vote before the board: Change the name Playbill to ONsTaGE.

Opening discussion: 

From Lawrence Coop:  

I was playing around with several words to use as a logo when this came to me.  It is so simple I can't believe nobody came up with it before.  It is the word "onstage". 

I noticed that it has an "s" and an "a" right near the center.  That could symbolize "San Antonio". If you make the letters "O", "N", "T", "G", and "E" all caps and the "s" and "a" lower case it looks really cool - "ONsTaGE".  The "s" and "a" really pop when they are a different color than the caps too. Stretching the caps to make them tall, throw in a shadow effect and it is even better.

Could we consider replacing "Playbill" with "ONsTaGE" meaning "Onstage San Antonio"?  Please let me know what you think.

From Diana Brown:

I love ONsTaGE! It is perfect for the YouTube Channel, where watchers could be either potential audience members or performers

We have used Playbill for 17 years

Early on, there was confusion as to where to find and where to list which info (for audience or for performers)

Onstage could be “what is onstage to see” or “what is onstage to audition for” and might be confusing again

Board, please weigh in with your preference:

Change Playbill to ONsTaGE?.

January 29, 2017

Meeting to hold Election of 2017 Officers at Crystal Sea Drama Company (Minutes here soon)

Lawrence Coop proposed a YouTube channel to promote theatre in San Antonio. Rick Malone agreed to assist. Channel to be called ONsTaGE. (Lowercase S and A standing for San Antonio)



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