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Ride the Musical

Overtime Theater
Audition/Workshop starts on: 02/23/2019 and Runs Through: 02/24/2019

When: Open auditions are Saturday and Sunday 2/23 and 2/24 from 1-5pm

Production/Performance Dates: May 31 - June 22, 2019 with two Sunday shows
Ride the Musical is a new original musical by Dan Timoskevich and Brandilynn Stillwell of San Antonio, TX 

"Ride" is the story of a taxi driver named Stockton who's underwater on his taxi medallion due to competition from ride share companies. He and his 20 something year old daughter Jess are struggling to make ends meet. Jess wants to go to acting school; he’s trying to keep them from being evicted. After a separate chance encounters with a limo driver, they both decide to test their limits as to what they're willing to do to stay afloat.

Promo Video:

Audition will consist of cold reading form the script and a song of your choice sung a capella or with an MP3 file on your device.

Questions: Email
Characters Needed: Characters Needed:

Stockton – Male – 40 – 60 – Good-natured cab driver who has come on hard times.

Jess – Female – 18 – 30 – An aspiring actress and the daughter of Stockton the cab driver.

Morlan – Male – 25-35 – A cab driver with an entrepreneurial spirit.

Melanie – Female 25-35 – A dancer with a love of literature.

Toni – (Male or female) 21-81 – Limo driver, aspiring actor, and an acting coach with an over-the-top melodramatic personality

John – Male 35-65 – Movie director with a large ego.

Waylon – Male – businessman who loves to go clubbing but whose dance moves are always just a little off.

Beth – Female 21-35 – An old soul who’s easily frazzled by the rustle and bustle of city life.

Cop/Bouncer – Male – Maintains law and order.

Ensemble – Male/Female – Urbanites who spontaneously spring into song and dance.
Location: 5409 Bandera Rd.Ste. 205, San Antonio, Texas, 78238
Our Website:
Contact/More Information: Email

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