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SeaWorld Seeking Scary Talented Actors!

SeaWorld San Antonio
Audition/Workshop starts on: 07/07/2018 and Runs Through: 07/25/2018

Audition Dates:

June 29th at 6:00p
July 7th at 4:00p
July 11th at 6:00p
July 13th at 6:00p
July 18th at 6:00p
July 21st at 4:00p
July 25th at 6:00p

Pre-Audition Preparation: Application & Paperwork

  • Visit to complete an online application for the "Performer 1-3" position.
    • You must be 16 years of age at the time of audition.
    • Be sure to select the date you will be auditioning.
  • Download, print and complete the Audition Liability Release Form.
    • Guardians must complete this form for 16 and 17 year old applicants.
  • Download, print, and complete Audition Paperwork.
    • Print this form in landscape format, and complete the LIGHT BLUE sections on the front and back.
  • Download, print, and complete Costume Measurement Form.
    • Print this form and complete all questions. 
  • Bring a current headshot and resume to the audition, which will be retained by the audition team.
    • Although this is not required, it is strongly encouraged.
  • Each talent type has different audition preparation requirements; visit the Entertainment Opportunities section to review.
  • Check out our Audition Tips to prepare for a successful audition.

Audition Day

  • Arrive anytime between 6:00pm and 7:00pm.
  • You will be seen in the order in which you arrive and we recommend arriving early to ensure a faster process.
  • Late arrivals will not be permitted to audition.
Production/Performance Dates:
  • Operational Fridays: September 28, October 5, 12, 19, and 26
  • Operational Saturdays: September 29, October 6, 13, 20, and 27
  • Operational Sundays: September 30, October 7, 14, 21, and 28
Night Time Scare Performers 

Availability requirements are as follows:

  • Applicants must be available to work select evenings in August and September for training, fittings, and rehearsals.
  • Howl-O-Scream applicants must be available to work all operational Howl-O-Scream evenings, starting at 4:30pm or 5:30pm (see specific dates below.)
    • Operational Fridays: September 28, October 5, 12, 19, and 26
    • Operational Saturdays: September 29, October 6, 13, 20, and 27
    • Operational Sundays: September 30, October 7, 14, 21, and 28
Day Time Spooktacular Performers

Availability requirements are as follows:

  • Applicants must be available to work select evenings in August and September for training, fittings, and rehearsals.
  • Daytime Halloween applicants must be available to work all operational Halloween days between 9:00am and 5:00pm (see specific dates below).
    • Operational Fridays: September 28, October 5, 12, 19, and 26
    • Operational Saturdays: September 29, October 6, 13, 20, and 27
    • Operational Sundays: September 30, October 7, 14, 21, and 28
Characters Needed:


Calling all zombies, vampires, creepy dolls, werewolves, and those who dream of getting paid to bring Halloween to life! SeaWorld San Antonio has the following opportunities for SeaWorld's award-winning, immersive event: Howl-O-Scream! No experience necessary, we train Scareactors for our Scare Squad!

  • Howl-O-Scream Icon Actors, such as Scarlett from Unearthed and Mr. Karver from Karver's Kradle.
  • Scare Squad members for our haunted houses and pathways. No experience necessary!

Also Seeking Performers for the Halloween Daytime Event, Spooktacular!

SeaWorld San Antonio is looking for fun and friendly performers to add excitement to our daytime, kid-friendly events:

  • FantaSea Characters, Pirates, Scarecrows, and other daytime characters for our kid-friendly Spooktacular events.
Location: 10500 SeaWorld Dr., San Antonio, Texas, 78251
Our Website:
Contact/More Information: Visit for more details.

Young Frankenstein

Performing Arts San Antonio
Audition/Workshop starts on: 07/28/2018 and Runs Through: 08/04/2018
Times: July 28th from 2-6pm, July 29th from 3-6pm and August 4th from 2-5pm.
Production/Performance Dates: 4 weekends from October 5th thru October 28th. Friday and Saturday at 8pm and Sunday at 3pm.
Please prepare a one minute memorized monologue and a 16-32 bar cut of a song (1 minute) with the backing track on your phone or a CD.
Characters Needed: PASA always offer Open Casting for all characters and all characters are available.
Location: 15705 San Pedro, San Antonio, Texas, 78232
Our Website:
Contact/More Information:

From the creators of the record-breaking Broadway sensation, The Producers, comes this monster new musical comedy. The comedy genius, Mel Brooks, adapts his legendarily funny film into a brilliant stage creation – Young Frankenstein!

Grandson of the infamous Victor Frankenstein, Frederick Frankenstein (pronounced "Fronk-en-steen") inherits his family's estate in Transylvania. With the help of a hunchbacked sidekick, Igor (pronounced "Eye-gore"), and a leggy lab assistant, Inga (pronounced normally), Frederick finds himself in the mad scientist shoes of his ancestors. "It's alive!" he exclaims as he brings to life a creature to rival his grandfather's. Eventually, of course, the monster escapes and hilarity continuously abounds.

Every bit as relevant to audience members who will remember the original as it will be to newcomers, Young Frankenstein has all the of panache of the screen sensation with a little extra theatrical flair added. It will surely be the perfect opportunity for a production company to showcase an array of talents. With such memorable tunes as "The Transylvania Mania," "He Vas My Boyfriend" and "Puttin' on the Ritz," Young Frankenstein is scientifically proven, monstrously good entertainment.



Keith & Margo's Murder Mystery Texas, Inc.
Audition/Workshop starts on: 07/24/2018 and Runs Through: 08/10/2018

Where are the auditions?:  

Auditions are online — through Skype, Facetime or Google Hangouts.  (Got computer issues?  No worries!  We’ll work something out.) 


When are the auditions?:  

We will audition applicants when YOU are available, day or night, scheduled by appointment.  We will work it out with you!


NOTE:  If you are currently cast in a show, audition for us anyway!  We are flexible about when you train/rehearse/perform for us.  We can accomodate you.

Production/Performance Dates:

Performance Schedule:

Public and private events.  Performances vary - any day of the week.  A flexible schedule is helpful including some evenings and certain holidays (ESPECIALLY the first three weekends in December). 




Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas — San Antonio Immersive Improv 

Performance Troupe is hiring actors, improvisers, and stage managers for its Peak Holiday Season: October 2018 - February 2019




Our 360° immersive theatrical style features heavy audience participation, interaction, and improvisation.  If you are funloving, outgoing, and have tons of energy, then WE WANT YOU.


This is NOT a costumed “theme” show. While the Detective typically wears a business suit, all actors will supply their own upscale business casual attire to blend in with our audience.



Our online videos will give you an idea of how we work: 



Each major city in Texas has its own troupe. Looking for local San Antonio hire.

Click here to get an idea of where we work in San Antonio:


All gigs are chosen on a SCHEDULE-BY-YOU basis.  You are not required to be available for all shows.  We switch out our plots regularly and cast by type.  Some parts are double- or triple-cast.  Only work when you can or want to.  More details after you apply. 


Pay Scale:

Pay scale varies by type, size, and duration of role.  More details upon application.


Audition Requirements:


- MALES (we always need more men!) and females, all shapes and sizes, all looks and types, between the ages of 21 - 70, to play major roles

- Improv Experience

- Acting chops — theatre experience in dramas and comedies

- Bi-lingualism helpful (but not required)

- Reliable transportation

- Access to upscale business casual to semi-formal wardrobe

How to prepare for the audition: 


(1) Hosts/Stage Managers prepare provided “Audience Welcome Speech”; will also be interviewed


(2) Detectives perform a solo, comedic, guided-improv scenario in character as a cop 


(3) Suspects/Murderers prepare provided monologue; additionally will perform a solo, dramatic, guided-improv scenario


To schedule an audition with us:


(1)  Visit: and fill out the form, please.  


(2)  Email with your headshot, performance resume, and acting reel/clips if available.


We will respond ASAP to schedule your online audition.  Your audition can take place day or night, any day of the week — it’s up to you!




About Us:  

Since 1983, we are the oldest, most respected, best-reviewed professional immersive theatre organization in North America (and Europe): Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery Events.  To quote The Los Angeles Times: "Keith & Margo have set the standard that all others try and emulate... They are the masterminds of the genre!  By far the most professional and elegant! The Rolls-Royce of Mystery companies... Still the best!" 


We perform 360°, immersive, police-procedural-themed entertainment in both public and private/corporate settings, set within the modern-day backdrop of a homicide investigation and crime scene.


Keith & Margo’s Murder Mystery Texas is an Equal Opportunity Employer and encourages all actors to audition regardless of race, ethnic origin, religious preference, sexual preference, political affiliation, or nationality.


Characters Needed:

Key Roles to be filled in San Antonio:


• Host (Stage Manager):

Organized and presentable, runs the entire show


• Detective:

Strong standup, improv, or emcee experience for the role of a homicide detective who can be believable, control a crowd, and interact and banter with the audience all while advancing a plot with wit and repartee


• Suspects/Murderers:

Principals in the plot with good improv skills and ability to interact with audience members


• Victims:

Quick scene where you get “bumped off” and can then drive home.  Beginning actors/extras with little experience would start in these roles.

Our Website:
Additional Website for the Event:
Contact/More Information:


Robert Banks

Artistic Director/Executive Producer

Murder Mystery Texas

(An affiliate of Murder Mystery USA)

Office phone: 972.263.5178

Text me at 972-896-1400

Toll Free 1.888.U.SOLVE.IT


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The Nerd by Larry Shue

Boerne Community Theatre
Audition/Workshop starts on: 09/09/2018 and Runs Through: 09/10/2018
Times: Auditions at Boerne Community Theatre, 907 E. Blanco, Boerne. Sunday and Monday 7pm both nights.
Production/Performance Dates: Production dates: Nov. 9-25 (off Thanksgiving, closing on a Sunday matinee)
Cold readings from the script. An audition form is available on the website,  under Productions tab.
Characters Needed:
  • Willum Cubbert: Willum is an architect, currently designing a hotel for Mr. Waldgrave, and a pushover. He's kind and intelligent, but Tansy says he "could use a little gumption." He lacks the backbone to stand up for himself.  He rents two rooms in his house to Tansy and Axel.
  • Tansy McGinnis: A smart woman who is as attracted to Willum as he is to her, but who has been offered her dream job as a television weather forecaster in Washington, D.C., and feels guilty for leaving Willum behind. Idealistic, perky, and just as kind as Willum. 
  • Axel Hammond: Willum's best friend. He's a pretentious, often-inebriated drama critic, always ready with a sarcastic comment. 
  • Rick Steadman/Kemp Hall: The titular "nerd." He's oblivious to insult and lacks manners or sensitivity. He tells Willum that he works as an inspector at a chalk factory in Wisconsin.
  • Warnock Waldgrave: A boisterous, slightly dim businessman, owner of eight hotels, with no creativity and no tact. He never smiles. 
  • Clelia Waldgrave: Mr. Waldgrave's high-strung, put-upon wife. She holds back all of her emotions, and only releases her stress when she can break "something small." 
  • Thor Waldgrave: The Waldgraves' terror of a son. "Poster child for planned parenthood," as Axel calls him. Spends most of the play hiding in a closet or bedroom. This character may also be cast as a girl.
Location: 907 E. Blanco Rd., Boerne, Texas, 78006
Our Website:
Contact/More Information: For more information, contact the director, Keisha McFerrin, at

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LegUp Class Series

Woodlawn Academy for the Performing Arts
Audition/Workshop starts on: 09/05/2017 and Runs Through: 08/01/2018

Class Schedule:

Classes are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

Does your child have a passion for performing? 
Come out and join our Leg Up class series! 

Students can lean and grow their technique with our professional training classes in musical theatre dance, vocal music, and stage acting.

Now Registering

Classes begin September 5, 2017


One time annual registration fee:

$25 new student
$10 trial class (3 classes 1x/semester)

*Fees for Leg Up are charged monthly.*


1 hrs/week: $60/month
2 hrs/week: $95/month
3 hrs/week: $130/month
4 hrs/week: $165/month
5 hrs/week: $200/month
6 hrs/week: $235/month

Class Schedule:

Classes are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays

Intro: Ages 5-7 | Level I: Ages 8-10 | Level II: Ages 11-13 | Level III: Ages 14-18

Click here to sign up!

Location: 1920 Fredericksburg Road, San Antonio, Texas, 78201
Our Website:
Contact/More Information:
Contact Us!

210-816-6341 or email

Tuesday through Thursday 12 p.m. to 6 p.m. and Fridays from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. 

Mondays and Sundays the Academy is either CLOSED or staff is busy with classes.

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