What is SATCO?

We are a group of volunteers that was created to promote the Theatre Arts in San Antonio.  We do not Produce any theatre ourselves, aside from the annual TheatreASAP event.

Our main goal is to get more people to Go See Live Theatre!!  There are normally over 30 Producer Members’ venues from which to choose.  We publish the E-Auditions and Playbill newsletters to let you know what is happening where and when.  We also facilitate communication and cooperation, including the sharing and distribution of information, among our members, both Producers and Individuals.

We welcome any and all theatre-minded individuals and producing organizations to join.

How can I help SATCO?


Come to a meeting and introduce yourself*.  We probably have a spot on the Board that you would fill perfectly.  If you are passionate about theatre in San Antonio, and have a few extra minutes to spare to help us in our Mission, we would love to meet you.

We usually have our meetings at 5:30 pm on the second Tuesday of every month.  Meetings are currently being held at the Jump-Start Performance Company, 108 Blue Star.  All details are subject to change.  If you are planning to attend, please email Playbill@satheatre.com to verify.  We will also announce any changes as far in advance as we can through email, Facebook and on our newsletters.

*Subscribe to the Playbill to be emailed when we schedule a meeting.

How do I get started in Acting?


Check out the E-Auditions page, find something that looks interesting to you, and go audition.  No experience necessary, usually… on the job training, as it were.  If you find that jumping into an audition is a little intimidating, volunteer and listen and learn.  Theatres are almost always looking for volunteers to help with a wide variety of off-stage needs.

Occasionally our member theatres will have classes for adults, which will also be listed on the E-Auditions page.

Our E-Auditions page is updated by the Producers as soon as they are ready.  You can check it online anytime, or join SATCO and it will be emailed to you every Friday.  

I'd like to help out at a theatre. What can I do?


Occasionally theatres in need of volunteers will post their requirements on the E-Auditions page.  But even if no one is asking, they could probably use an extra pair of hands.  Contact your favorite theatre by phone or email or in person after you have seen their show.  (Before a show everyone will probably be way too busy to talk.)

Are there any Job Opportunities?


SATCO itself is an all volunteer organization.  If you are interested in helping us with our projects, please contact us.

Most theatres have a small staff and rely heavily on volunteers.  If a theatre is looking for either, it will be listed on our E-Auditions page*.  If you find something that interests you, please contact the theatre directly.  If you would like to submit a resume to be distributed to all our theatres in hopes of finding a position, please forward it to Playbill@satheatre.com.  Please include your contact information along with any introductory statement you might like to make.

I am under 18 or My child wants to act, where do we start?


We have a number of member theatres that regularly offer classes and workshops for children of various ages.  Details on current and upcoming classes can be found on our E-Auditions page* (Workshops tab).   This page will also indicate if a theatre is looking for younger cast members.  Usually there is no training or experience necessary.  Just follow the audition process as described in each individual listing.

I'm a playwright - how can I get a theater to do my show?


Send them your script*.  Different theatres have different requirements for the shows they do.  Some do only classics, some do only original work, and some do a little bit of everything. 

*If you forward us your script, contact information and any other information you’d like to include, I can forward it to all our member theatres.

Is there an easy way to contact all your Member Theatres?


Yes, forward your information, including how they can get in touch with you, to us and we will email it to all our current Producer Members

What else might I find on your website?


Photos from past events, Memorials for those we have lost, Fun Stuff like Theatre Superstitions and Theatre related quotes, and links to other theatre arts related organizations. 

Is there any other way to stay up to date on Theatre happenings in San Antonio?


You don’t have to be a member to receive our Playbill in your email every Tuesday.  Click “Subscribe to Playbill” at the bottom of the page at http://www.satheatre.com.  You could also “Like” us on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/SATheatre

I'm not a Member, but can you announce my...


Listings in the E-Auditions are limited to Producer level members, with exceptions made for films, charity events and other special events.  If you have a special event to be considered for inclusion, please email us with all the details.  (Information on membership can be found here.)


Still have a question? Please contact us.


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